Learning and Development

When you start your career at First Federal Lakewood, you’ll be met with supportive managers and coworkers who will “show you the ropes” and make sure you have the tools and resources you need to be successful, including:

  • Training classes
  • Seminars
  • Interactive virtual session

We’re proud of the learning experiences we’ve created online, in person and through virtual media. Whatever learning style suits you best is yours.

You’ll find teams and user groups devoted to developing leaders, innovating for technology and helping you get the knowledge you need.

We take our development commitment very seriously. We listen to ideas, survey for skill and knowledge gaps and make sure our employees are ready to demonstrate our commitment to customers, community and each other.

“The Emerging Leaders Program at First Federal Lakewood helped grow my communication and interpersonal skillset. In my role, effective communication with all areas of the bank is important to make sure that we comply with various laws and regulations. It is empowering that First Federal Lakewood invests in employees to make sure we can develop our skills and advance our careers.”

Bilal Shah, CAMS
AML Manager / BSA Officer
"We adapted a program called Cultivate™ that has given our Retail team the foundation to accelerate individual, team and organizational growth. Our branch teams meet weekly to train on specific development topics, share ideas and connect as a team. We also take the time to meet individually to strengthen both personal and professional relationships including employee recognition."
Jackie Stratton
Genesis Project Manager